Pool Fencing Northland

Private swimming pools are the single most significant water hazard for pre-school children.

Studies in New Zealand and overseas have shown that most drownings involve the children of pool owners and visitors, rather than wandering children.

The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 was introduced to protect young children from the dangers of unfenced swimming pools.

Before constructing a pool barrier, you will require a building consent. The Clause F9 sets out the standard of fencing required.

All materials and components must be of a durable nature and erected to prevent young children from climbing over, crawling under or through the fence.

If using a boundary fence as part of your pool barrier, you need to regularly ensure that the neighbouring side is free from objects which a child can use to climb over.

Any boundary fence used as a barrier for a pool must also comply with the provisions of Clause F9.

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Pool fencing Northland
Pool fencing Northland